The Late Employee Solution

The line at Starbucks was long. The woman behind me was huffing and sighing and mumbling under her breath. But one thing was clear from her mumbled words…………..

She was going to be late for work……………….AGAIN!


The manager is frustrated with the chronically late employee; even though she delivers quality work; on time. He seems to think it is a lack of respect.late employee


So when it was my turn to order I turned to Starbucks lady and said “You go ahead of me. You seem rushed and running late.” But after she ordered I couldn’t help but suggest to her that she may want to start leaving earlier or figuring out where a cup of coffee is in the priority list. I got an evil stare. So much for trying to be helpful.


And as for Mr. Manager, I suggested he offer the employee a change in work hours to accommodate her schedule. Or better yet focus more on the quality and timely delivery of the product and not so much the time – which I think should be his priority. There was a rolling of the eyes and tilting of the head.


What would your response be to these people?

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