You won’t believe where dressing to impress gets you hired

etrsuccsHe had a 10:30 interview. At 11:10 he sent me a text he was still waiting and there were two people ahead of him also waiting to be interviewed. At 11:30 he sent me a text sharing that he was getting annoyed, commenting on the way the others came dressed to the interview, and mentioning he was also cranky because he was hungry.

At 11:40 I told him to tell them he needed to leave as he had another appointment (which he did) and they could get in touch with him to reschedule if they would like to meet an awesome candidate. (Yes, always let people know they are missing out on a gem!)

He didn’t respond to my text.

At 12:00 he called to say they offered him the job……on the spot. They made a point to let him know how impressed they were with what he was wearing to the interview and how it sold them on him immediately.

Polished shoes. Shirt. Tie. Dress pants.

For a part time job at………………………………………

America’s most loved and or hated (depending who you talk to) retailer:



While I humorously wear the shirt featured in this post, mainly because it does fit with my brand, there is a lesson to be learned here; especially for young people looking for part time jobs today…………….

Sometimes to get the edge (and the job) you do need to dress for success and to impress. Leave the dressing for Recess to “THE” expert!


Rich DiGirolamo, the RECESSitator, works with organizations to create happier work environments, design new programs and products, and create better relationships with customers and peers. He is the creator/founder of “Recess At Work Day” and the nonprofit organization, Inc., operators of “The World’s Only Virtual Diner Fighting Hunger.” Rich has authored 4 books; his most popular, “Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth.” He lives by the rule “If you’re not having fun, it’s your own fault

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