Rich DiGirolamo’s RECESS AT WORK Social Media Powerball Pool

Let’s share a Billion Dollars! Join the fun!!


Rich’s DiGirolamo’s 3rd RECESS AT WORK Virtual Social Media Office Lottery Pool.


Powerball is gonna be more than $1.3 Billion Wednesday night! I guess god, karma, the stars, the secret, or whatever deity you worship knew we weren’t supposed to win the other night “for a reason”

So let’s get the next Powerball pool going!

Here’s how it works!

1. Powerball Tickets are $2 each.
2. You will be purchasing shares of the winnings. So, if you contribute $100 and $1000 is collected you will win 10% of any winnings; $10 would be 1% of the winnings if $1,000 was collected.
3. You should send your investment in multiples of $2 thru PayPal to
4. All monies must be received by 5:00 PM EST January 13, 2016
5. I will purchase the tickets, copy them and email/message a copy of all tickets to those who are partaking in this Social Media Office Lottery Pool
6. I will also send participants a file showing all names and what percentage of winnings will be yours.

Make sense? If not, please do not participate. I’m not here to screw anyone or get into arguments or lawsuits. I’m here to have some fun and take a ‪#‎RECESSATWORK‬

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