Dear Facebook, your aches, pains and illnesses keep me biking

Dear Facebook,

I want to thank you for pushing me to ride my bicycle as much as I do. Well you didn’t do it directly, it was indirectly…………………..(the overly sensitive may not want to read on)

Yesterday I got asked to pray for six people I don’t even know. All six are battling cancer. Last week I saw pictures of you at the doctor’s office and the pharmacy. I read regular complaints about long waiting times, co-pays, insurance premiums, unnecessary tests and your detestation of the Affordable Care Act. I read how you don’t go to the doctor because you can’t afford it. Do you really think we want to see your inflamed foot, mouth or the blackened finger from the nail that fell off? Much less do you think I am capable of diagnosing and suggesting a treatment? You can’t seem to beat the cold that started in August………………………….of 2012! I really hope you are not eating all the food porn you post. And come to think of it, 90% of your posted pictures are of you eating!

Now don’t get me wrong here, I do realize that some things that happen to us happen as a result of things out of our control. Despite the praying. And I do realize that some people are battling some really tough shit! And that sucks! And I do my fair share of eating and drinking crap and not taking care of myself too!

But I also know that keeping active and moving has so many benefits – physical, emotional, mebridgental; and yes, even spiritual. And heck it gets confirmed (and I smile) when I see someone who has been battling cancer out on their bike, or for a run, or camping, or power walking down the boulevard.


So this morning, at 6:00 AM, when I didn’t feel like riding I dragged my ass out of bed and rode 25 miles. And hard. And why? You just read why. Hey, there’s no guarantees but I’d rather post a picture of me waiting for the bridge to be lowered than have someone post one of my casket being lowered way too soon.


So thank you Facebook for giving me the drive, motivation, inspiration and desire to ride. And I hope the next picture I see of you is out there taking care of yourself – maybe even at a park.

Oh and one more thing……Facebook is not a replacement for a good psychotherapy session or bringing back a loved one. But I bet getting outdoors would do more good for you than people telling you that things will get better or sending you prayers.

With much love (although some of you will read this as mean)



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