Colin is disrespectful to America? Go look in the mirror!

I’m so sick of hearing about Colin Kapernick already. So he didn’t stand for the National Anthem. And now some of the Miami Dolphins took a kneel. And there have been others who have decided not to stand, salute, or whatever. And they’re saying their actions are grounded in racial tension, race relations and civil liberties in¬†America – which in their eyes is a very important discussion that needs to be taking place. I agree!

American flag blowing, close-up

And¬†millions are¬†up in arms. Not because of the race thing. Because they believe Colin and the¬†others¬†“are disrespecting America.” “They’re disrespecting the flag.” “They’re showing no respect for¬†Veterans.”

Really??? Okay fine, let’s put the race thing aside for a moment and talk about respect for America.

THEY’RE showing no respect? What about you? What about me? What about most people? Yes, most people!

What have you, individually, done for our¬†Veterans?¬†Looks to me that we’re really good with pointing out what others are doing wrong. I guess that’s what we consider activism. Pointing out¬†the actions of others¬†that are in direct opposite of our own views. Share something on Facebook. Disguise your sleazy sales pitch on LinkedIn as a Colin discussion. Ooooooo, that’s helping our Veterans. You shared an article or a meme and 14 of your friends “liked” it.

When was the last time you¬†had¬†a¬†Veteran over¬†for dinner?¬†Or paid for a¬†Veteran’s meal? Took a collection to help a Vet meet his rent? Her insurance? Her kids tuition? Bought a Veteran a car? Why haven’t you¬†gathered a group of co-workers and instead of adopting a highway, adopt¬†a Veteran? When was the last time you contacted a Veteran’s relief agency and see how you could be of help………long term?




And what disgusts me more are my “friends/followers/connections” who are great at bashing and sharing, when¬†I know some of them do nothing beyond that! Nothing!

You want to show respect for America and those who have served, do something more than an occasional donation. Stop the sharing; take action.¬†And here’s an idea…….How about maybe starting by flying an American Flag somewhere. There are¬†eight houses on my end of the street. I believe I’m the only one flying the Stars and Stripes. Where’s¬†the respect for America? Maybe I should start thinking my neighbors don’t respect America? Or Veterans?

So Colin Kapernick didn’t stand for the National Anthem. Big Effing Deal. That’s the discussion? If you really think that was Anti-American/Anti-Veteran and not the race issue, fine………..but until we all start doing things for our Vets, and not wait for our useless government officials to do something, we’re being just as disrespectful as Colin! (whether¬†you’re in the¬†“he was disrespectful camp” or not.)

Aren’t we a bunch of patriotic hypocrites?

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