Where do you do your best Problem Solving? Where do your best new ideas emerge???

The shower?

The toilet?

Staring at your computer?

Over drinks?

Certainly not in a stale fluorescent-lighted conference room!

But great ideas can emerge when you go off on a little Adventure.

#CafecitoAdventures is a fun offsite program that gives you and your team a unique and different approach to generate new ideas, solve problems, bond, and of course have fun. It’s about exposing people to different stimuli; with the intent of getting them thinking about how to grow, improve and/or reboot your current business.

How it works: We’ll start the day with a secret rendezvous location sent to your team in the early morning. From there the Adventure begins! Well I guess, the secret rendezvous is really where the Adventure begins. Then it’s time for Cafecito (coffee) – or tea or juice or pop or water or…..just no vodka – even a sunrise.

Now that we all had our jolt it’s time to go play. It’s time to explore some unique spaces, places, businesses, landmarks, or neighborhood sites where we use our creativity and sense of awareness to take in things that may relate to a challenge, a problem, or just serve as a method of ideation. No one knows where we are going, but me. And maybe the meeting planner. You see, it’s not about the route, just the destination; and the experience. And the ideas. And the sense of adventure. It’s about once and for all understanding all those random thoughts that pop into our heads…….and doing something with them.

At the end of the Adventure we debrief and discuss all the opportunities/ideas/crazy ideas that exist or were uncovered/surfaced. We then start to develop action plans.

Oh and how is this done……………………………By bike of course! Or we can walk.

How’s your sense of Adventure? Intrigued?  Wanna hear more. Get in touch and let’s talk!

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