Does the bathroom at your business stink or inspire?

I love signs. I love fun signs. Especially fun bathroom signs. I love when creativity appears where you might least expect it.

Often when I’m out with family and friends I grab my phone as I’m heading to the bathroom. And not to take one of those creepy bathroom mirror selfies. Seriously, WTF is up with that?

But the truth is I have seen so many fun signs on my way to or inside a bathroom that I don’t want to miss them. Some inspire me to take some action. Some get me thinking. Some make for good conversation. Some make for great social media posts. Some make me laugh. Some make me go WTF! Hey it was even the spark that led to my Crappy Ideas Ideation and Brainstorming Tool.

And I love sharing my finds with clients when we’re working on new business development ideas………

I do a fair amount of work with the Parks & Recreation industry. One of my constant challenges to them is to Fun Up Your Signs! Their signage makes me want to rip my eyes out at times. They’re the fun people, right? They’re the people bringing and providing fun in their communities. There are so many cool ways to welcome people to a park, an event or a facility beyond a welcome sign with a set of rules. And this is true for ANY business.

Ideas to grow a business are everywhere. It’s one of the main deliverables of my #CafecitoAdventures program. Let’s go off on an adventure and find that inspiration, next idea, new program, new product or new whatever that not only is gonna attract and retain customers but be something everyone within the organization will be proud of.

So grab those phones and head to the nearest bathroom. You never know what idea is waiting.

Sorry for the angle (not angel) of the picture. The sun wasn’t cooperating and came out that day.

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