Hello, Welcome To…..

You walk into CVS and the person behind the counter yells “Hello, welcome to CVS”. It happens at Moe’s. It happens at Dollar Tree. It happens at a lot of places.

Hello, Welcome to……….

But you just know it’s part of the job description. It’s part of a corporate directive. It even feels fake. Who knows there may have even been a training. And I’m not saying it’s not genuine. Okay, yes I am. In some cases you just know the person is doing it because he or she has been told to do so.

I personally do not care if I am greeted when I walk into a retail establishment. I do care if I’m standing at a counter and you’re busy doing whatever (even when there’s no other customer in sight) and there’s no acknowledgment of my existence. I do care at a physician’s office that there is no hello when I announce my presence but rather the first thing said to me is a request for my ID and insurance card. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. It’s one of the reasons I developed the Healthcare Provider Self-Assessment tool.

Clearly someone started this welcome thing. And someone else saw it and brought it back to their company. And then it just spread like the measles. With no thought of making it unique.

There are so many ways to greet someone that might be more original, more fun, or allow an employee to bring their personality into the greeting.

  • For instance here in Florida you could welcome someone into the air conditioned oasis (or out of the rain depending on the season).
  • You could say “Welcome, the bathroom is to the left.” That got a smile out of me when I recently walked into a bookstore (yes there are still bookstores).
  • You could compliment someone on their shoes.
  • You could say “Welcome, the wifi code is posted over here.”

I’m sure you can come up with some on your own. Why not have a quick team meeting to talk some ideas? A meeting; not a training.


Welcome to CVS. Welcome to Moe’s. Welcome to Dollar Tree. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. How about changing it up a bit? Your welcome has become expected and generic. I offer you a challenge……. Make me smile, laugh or talk about you.

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