Please Don’t Do Cocaine In The Bathroom

You walk into a theater and there’s a line at the concession. A long one. You grunt. You sigh. You huff. You keep looking at your watch worrying about missing the 30 minutes of previews. Guess what? The line isn’t moving any faster. At least your family/date/friend went into the theater and got good seats. Maybe.

You walk into a coffee shop and you see this sitting on the counter.

You’re amused. You smile. You laugh. You head to the bathroom to do………………………………

YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Not Cocaine.

You CALL JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE these days and reach an automated system that requires you to push 16 buttons to finally end up in the wrong department!!! Or you think you’re gonna be smart and just press 0 along the way and reach an operator. There are no operators any longer. And now you’re back to the main menu. Your Blood Pressure just rose 40 points.

You walk into a free art venue. They have a clear plastic box where you can drop a donation. Cash. Or a check. First of all who carries cash? And who writes checks? (Yes, there was one in the box. Clearly a Boomer or Greatest Generation visitor.) You ask if there’s a more current/modern donation method. They tell you it can be done at their website. You have the best of intentions to do it later…….. but we all get busy.

I could go on. All kinds of examples of businesses that don’t make things easy for their customers.

So let me ask you a few questions:

  • Where are people huffing and puffing at your business?
  • Where have you injected humor or curiosity into your place of business?
  • Where are people getting aggravated because at times you are not adequately staffed but rather putting profits ahead of service?
  • How easy is it for people to get through YOUR hellish telephone system?
  • How easy is it for people to give you money? (pay/donate)

It’s very easy to criticize and complain about other businesses, especially when they personally impact you. It’s also easy to stand there in awe when you see something bold, brave, unique or different. What if you started asking yourself questions about your business when you see good and not so good things.

More often than not we’re so wrapped up in what’s wrong that we never “look in the mirror.” This is what you and your team would do during #CafecitoAdventures. Go off exploring, wandering and observing; and taking all those observations to start ideating some great changes to your business.

Curious to learn how #CafecitoAdventures can excite your team, grow your business and truly get you outside of that soul sucking box we call the office?? Then get in touch. Shoot me a text 203.470.3388 or contact me here and let’s get those ideas brewing and into action.

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