Voicemail. My Phone. My Rules.

A new mobile phone provider meant my old voicemail message is gone. Yep, my greeting message about if you’re calling to whine, moan, or complain call someone else; if you’re calling to have fun, laugh or hire me, leave a message, is gone. Retired. It had a good run. More than 10 years I believe.

So for the three of you who still periodically call, not to talk to me, but because you wanted someone else to hear the message……it’s gone. 

And as I was crafting my new message I decided to address the thing that drives me most crazy about voice mail…….message length…………………you know…… those people who drone on and on and on and on. Or some of my speaker friends who think I want to hear a keynote. Get to the damn point already.

So here it is…..my new message (for those of you who still use your phone for the other thing it is capable of doing……..calling people):

Hey, this is Rich. Your challenge is to leave a message of less than 30 seconds. Otherwise, please just leave a phone # and I’ll call you back. Obviously a text to this number will get the fastest response and if you happen to leave a voice mail that is more than 1 minute I can absolutely guarantee you I’m deleting it. My number. My voice mail. My rules. Ready. Set. Be Brief! Go!

So far it’s been quite amusing listening to people rush through their message ending with comments like “I hope that was less than 30 seconds” or “Pretty sure I did it in under 30 seconds.”

I love when people follow rules.

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  1. LOL, this is great! My message on my work phone tells you to email me instead of leaving a message. It is the best way to reach me, and I don’t have to write out all the things people want to discuss.

    My cell? Everyone knows I don’t even listen to them! Just text! ;-P I like your rules!

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