We Should Do This……

On a recent #CafecitoAdventures, (a unique offisite experience I’ve created to ideate, solve problems, and of course have fun), I started hearing the phrase “We Should Do This.”

Let’s back up…………I took this group of industry leaders out on an adventure. They didn’t know where we were going; just show up at a particular place and time. (Don’t worry; the meeting planner knew where we were going.) One purpose of #CafecitoAdventures is to show how outside stimuli can impact decision making, program offerings, service levels, and much more.

People were there for different reasons. Some came with a problem. Some were looking for ideas. All were looking to have fun.

No wonder my sis wanted Mom’s good China

One of the stops on our adventure was a unique art gallery and art space. In addition to classes and workshops they offered PopUps. They were one time classes and workshops; versus their 6, 8, 10 week offerings. Lots of people in the group loved the PopUp idea.

“We should do this.” One person shared she would like to call their upcoming soccer clinic a PopUp. She thought it might be more exciting, current or relevant terminology. “You should do it” was being offered by so many.

Well we all know where “We Should Do This” and “Yes, You Should” goes.

Right to the top of the heaping pile of “Why Didn’t We Do That?”

Except not this time. That Leader pulled out her phone, called the office, shared the idea with a staff (who loved the idea) and got the wheels in motion to start advertising a “clinic” that was approaching in a few weeks as a Popup! Several others took her lead and did the same. Right there. In the moment.

Lots of times trying new things is as simple as a word change; a few clicks of a button. And with social media and the ease of updating websites (okay, well not always with bureaucratic government agencies) you can turn a “we should do this” into a

We’re Doing It. We Did It.

And it achieved results (which in this case, it did!)

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