Creativity and the Best Beet Sandwich

When people talk about creativity there are usually two groups…….. the people who are creative and the people who are also creative, but think they’re not.

Ever since I was a kid I was told I was creative. Sometimes it was out of necessity. Sometimes it was out of boredom. Sometimes it was on a whim. Sometimes it was to solve a problem (we all really did have amazing problem solving skills as kids.) Sometimes it’s due to not wasting money. In the case of mom and dad it was usually fabricating a good lie to get out of trouble; which usually didn’t work.

I have this habit of going to the grocery store and buying too much. It wouldn’t be too much but then all of a sudden I get invited to dinner. Or lunch. Or I’m traveling. Or a bike ride turns into let’s go for breakfast. Or truthfully….. I would just rather eat out! And then that food in the fridge is at risk of going bad! And then my mind starts messing with me about waste and starving children and the homeless and people who suffer from food insecurity.

So when the cooked beets were in the fridge next to the seaweed salad and the hummus with the approaching eat-it-after-this-date-and-you’ll-die, I pulled it all out of the fridge, grabbed some bread and this happened………..

Yes, they can go together and it makes one of my new favorite sandwiches!

I created the Beet, Seaweed Salad & Hummus Sandwich!

Creativity is a hot topic in the workplace and it’s necessary for all aspects of business – customer service, sales, product development, finance (legally of course), marketing, employee retention, etc. It’s what we focus on when I take my clients out for #CafecitoAdventures: the most fun they’ll ever have solving problems and generating new ideas.

I really do believe that EVERYONE IS CREATIVE. I think people forget about the creative moments they have with food, household hacks, fixing broken toys, or when you split your pants at 7:00AM in Midtown Manhattan heading to a 7:30 meeting and the nearest tool is a stapler, or when………well why don’t you tell me one of your creative moments in the comments below.

So next time someone tells you they’re not creative…..take them to the nearest fridge and see what they can create. Because I still think the solutions to many of our world problems can be found in the fridge!

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