The ONLY Reason to Pursue an Idea! And then…….

We all have ideas. I have journals, stacks of index cards, restaurant receipts, post-it notes, Evernote notes, and pieces of scrap paper with ideas on them. You with me? I you’re not, meaning you’re not logging those ideas somewhere, start doing so. Here’s a fun place to start!

Some are big. Some are small. The small ones; ones that I can implement within 30 days usually happen. But it’s those big ones I’d like to share some thoughts on and when is the only time to pursue them.

As far as I’m concerned this is the only reason to pursue one of those big ideas………………..

It consumes you. It keeps you from wasting endless hours scrolling through that time-sucking thing called Social Media. It keeps you from paying attention to people when they’re talking to you. It makes a long plane, car or train ride short! Yes, you’re dreaming about it every moment. That’s the only reason to pursue an idea!

And then……………………….

Well when I’m about to pour my heart and soul (and $$$) into something there’s four things that matter most to me.

  1. This is gonna be FUN. The product or service is going to be fun. The process of research, testing and development is going to be fun. When I was designing my #CafecitoAdventures Ideation and Problem Solving program the most fun part was the logistics! Finding locations that would inspire; getting all excited about the problems that would be solved; new ideas and conversations that were gonna happen as a result. That was the fun! And my customer is also going to have fun as a result of this idea that consumed me. Period. This is gonna be the most fun they’ll ever have solving problems and identifying new products and services! Any product or service can be fun. Any. And people want fun!
  2. This is gonna be DIFFERENT. After almost 20 years of speaking and training I have noticed something. So much of what is being said has already been said. There’s not a whole lot of new. Even the approaches. Someone sees it work for someone else and bam; it’s copied. Years ago I met a guy starting his speaking business. All of sudden I see he’s wearing a propeller beanie cap. I called him on it. Dude, I own this. Lose it. He did. I’ve never operated that way. Nor should you. Make that idea new and different. Put your unique personality/brand into it!
  3. This is gonna be VALUABLE. Is the product going to make someone’s life easier? Is this gonna benefit the environment? Is it going to help solve a social issue? Is the service going to provide a return on investment? For me it’s always about………………Is my customer going to make make money, retain their people, or see a savings somewhere as a result of this? What’s the value of your idea?
  4. This is gonna be SIMPLE to implement. Okay, it probably won’t. Or maybe it will. Or maybe you’re gonna make it harder than it has to be. Or maybe it’s gonna be really hard. Or maybe some of the supposed easy things will not be; but some of the supposed difficult things won’t be either. What’s important along the way is to do simple things that keep you moving. Especially in those times when you’re paralyzed. There’s always a phone call, an email, a conversation, a Google search; something you can do to move forward. Always. Something.

So that’s it. If you’ve been dreaming about it while you’re reading this and losing your place and having to go back to the previous paragraph, then it’s time. And I’d love to hear about it.

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