CX Leaders, wanna get customers to stop cursing at phone reps……try this!

Dear Customer Service Leader,

My absolute favorite thing in the whole world is when someone like you, in a customer service leadership role, gets frustrated with lousy customer service. (Okay, not really my favorite thing in the world…..but it’s up there.)

Recently I watched a friend blow a gasket over not being able to reach a live person on the phone at a medical office. As the smoke started coming from his ears I asked how easy it is to reach someone at his company? There was a long pause and a change of subject.

I know (you think) you’ve gotten smart. You don’t allow us to Press 0 any longer to bypass the nonsensical voice prompt system. You’ve removed the words/phrases “representative/speak to a person” that would get us to someone. Really? Speaking to a person is not a %&#*^% option at your company??!!!!!

Image result for press 1 to speak to a technician

And then of course you try to fit everything into a few categories – of which some problems don’t fit. Oh and my favorite, leave a message in your mailbox and you’ll call back the same business day (or when you finally hire someone to check that mailbox. Or have a backup person to check it when the person who is supposed to call back the same day seems to always be sick).

What you’ve done is make us listen to endless lists of possibilities to eventually (or hopefully) get to a Press 5,6,7,8 whatever in order to reach a person. I hope you’re getting defensive reading this. I really hope so.

At this point I’m this guy in the picture below. Pissed. Annoyed. Frustrated. Mad. Disgusted. My blood pressure is through the roof and I’m ready to wage a war!

And then you wonder why part of your customer service training needs to include a piece on what to do when a customer curses at you, verbally abuses you, or threatens worse! Zero Cursing and Threats Should Be Your Training Credo! Not how to handle.

So go ahead, keep making it difficult for us to reach a live person. Keep taking me through 5 levels of prompts to find out my question/problem doesn’t fit into any of your little topic areas. The only one benefiting from that is your bottom line. Maybe. Not the person who has to deal with me after I have had to press one too many numbers!

Here’s an idea……keep it to one level. Or better yet…..give me the option to get to a person immediately. Then I can get aggravated about a 45 minute wait time cuz profits and shareholder value really do come before the customer experience and staffing levels that truly would make for a great CX and EX! But at least the choice to be hostage was mine.

Sincerely and Seriously (which is rare for me),



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