Size Doesn’t Matter. Imagination Does.

You’re building a stadium!

It’s gonna be the biggest. Bigger than Michigan Stadium. Bigger than Rungrado May Day Stadium.

It’s gonna have the best (or strangest) amenities……..

  • A retractable roof to deal with weather
  • Beer delivered right to your seat
  • An energy drink infused sandwich! (But why?)
  • A jail? A courtroom?
  • A carousel or ferris wheel?
  • A water ferry from the parking lot to the gate
  • Reclining seats
  • Luxury boxes with sofas and beds

Close your eyes for a few moments and imagine your stadium. What would it include.

No really, I mean it. Do it. Close your eyes. Imagine that grand stadium.

(C’mon I took the time to write this to spark your mind, you can humor me.)


When we think stadiums we think BIG. Bodacious. Over-The-Top. Bigger means more. Bigger means better!

Or not!

On a recent #CafecitoAdventures in Atlanta we came across a stadium that was nothing special. It was tiny. Didn’t have the tiered seating that those folks at Oxford and Merriam mentioned in their definition of stadium. It had no great features. But it had tons of character (and I’ll bet a bunch of characters.) Some might say it was a hole in the wall (or floor.)

But I’ll bet the owners of this stadium are just as proud of their design and creation as the big guys. And I’ll be their fans have just as much fun!

So………if you’re a Ping Pong enthusiast or someone who appreciates clever business people, check this out next time you’re in Atlanta.

No alt text provided for this image

Yep, nothing but a sunken courtyard! Atlanta’s Only Subterranean Ping Pong Stadium!

Gotta love it! And proof that Size Doesn’t Matter. Imagination does. And the reason my client’s two lemon trees will soon be called The Orchard!

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