The 1st To-Do After An Industry Conference

The conference is over. You’re sitting on the plane or driving in your car. You’re excited. The learning was great. The ideas were spilling out of your head. Maybe you also were a presenter and that session was well received. The networking was great. The social time was phenomenal.

The next business day you’re back in the office. You want to talk about your takeaways. The things you want to implement. Your office has other plans! The fires are waiting to be extinguished. The emails need responses. The meetings need to take place. Your signature can’t wait! Angry customers are waiting to hear from you.

And suddenly the partnership with that new colleague is forgotten. The learning gets pushed aside. The great idea you had will have to wait until tomorr…. (oh wait, tomorrow never comes.) All that is left is the memory of that great social event.

Why? Why did you let that happen?

Next time……

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If I have learned anything from attendance at industry conferences, as a participant or presenter, it is this……

I call it DECOMPRESS AND PROCESS. And if you don’t schedule time immediately after that conference to DECOMPRESS & PROCESS there’s a strong possibility that all that learning just floated away.

So depending on the circumstances why not Decompress and Process by taking one of these two approaches:

  • Take an extra day or half-day to go back through all your notes and set a plan. That’s right. Don’t go to the office! Maybe even stay an extra day in the conference locale. And start to implement that plan right there.
  • Schedule a meeting with the team or boss – first thing when you walk into the office – to share your learning and ideas. Yes, it should be on everyone’s calendar. Get their thoughts on what should be attacked first. Now everyone has skin in the game. And quite possibly they’ll keep you on track. Actually, give your team the okay to “nag” you.

It’s that simple. But it really is a mindset. Too often we think the conference is over when the closing speaker is done; when we leave the event venue. It’s not. And it’s certainly not over when you get on the plane or in your car. And that’s the mindset that has to change.

So next time you’re scheduling time out of the office for that industry conference…look at the dates and then tack another day on the end. And call it Decompress and Process. It’s buzzwordy, so the boss will approve.


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Yep, sit down, relax and set a plan.

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