Wanna Love Your Job? Do Something Else!

Once upon a time I was an accountant. Yep, I took that CPA path. Started my career at Price Waterhouse (now known as PwC).

I hated accounting. As a matter of fact, the only thing I ever enjoyed as an accountant, was when I was allowed to do something that wasn’t (exactly) accounting related.

  • Like when I requested to join a committee that was working on designing alternative work schedules. 4 day work weeks. 3 day work weeks. 4 day and 3 day work weeks that gave you one full week off at least once per month. Etc. Yes, there was financial implication (and that’s how I sold my entry to the committee), but coming up with the menu of options that were gonna be presented to employees was the really exciting part. And seeing the response by employees made it even sweeter.
  • Like when I decided a monthly report with way too much unimportant financial information needed to be spruced up with pictures, comics, and funny quotes & sayings. And this was in the late 80’s! (Ahead of my time.) And let’s be honest it was thicker than a steak at Morton’s and clearly never looked at by some. It could take a month to get through it!

Clearly the creative side of me was surfacing. Just took me a bit longer to realize it.

Anyway……..time went on and then one day I decided I was done with accounting. Gave my notice and said my good-byes. Yet one person’s comment haunted me for months, but to this day has provided a valuable lesson; and one I share with my clients.

He said to me, “But you do your job so well.”

And then one day the haunting stopped. I realized it. It wasn’t a matter of doing my job well, it was a matter of getting my job done so I could go work on cool stuff; stuff I was more interested in. The non-accounting stuff.

Yes, you hire people for a certain job. But what if you let them get involved with something else the organization is doing; something that excites them so much it might even get them to do an even better job at the one for which they were hired?

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