For those who need validation….enter the Speed Limit Sign

I confess. I speed. Not all the time. Most of the time not intentionally. But I speed. And I’d be certain a lot of you reading this do as well. Heck, I’ve passed highway patrol while not paying attention. Fortunately he had better things to do.

But think about it. The speed limit sign is just there. Doing nothing. An inanimate object with what some would say (jokingly) they thought was a suggestion.

But it is the law. We are supposed to obey it.

And in this world we live in where everyone gets a trophy; where so many need validation for the simplest of actions, the speed limit sign has been thrown in to the mix with a little bit of creativity to make you feel good about yourself. (Or not.)

Yep, while out on a #CafecitoAdventures one morning we came across this creative and different approach to speed limits.

You obey the speed limit and you get this reaction from the sign.

You break the law and you get this reaction.

Yep, somebody, somewhere, thought to themselves why don’t we have some fun with speed limit signs. Let’s add emojis! And others said, YES!!!

Now this is government, so it probably took 5 years for it to happen but nevertheless it happened!

But what a fun, great idea!!! Wouldn’t you agree?

However I do think this would have been a better emoji for people who were speeding!

Image result for angry face emoji

What examples have you seen of things being made more creative and fun!


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