Maybe you need a (2020) Vision, not a New Year’s Resolution?

I ditched the New Year’s Resolution thing decades ago. And I’m not gonna bore you with the statistics on Resolution Failure. But have you ever thought about the fact that someone has a job gathering and reporting New Year’s Resolution Failure Statistics. Fun. Fun. Fun.

So as some of you are looking back and thinking, yeah he’s right or thinking ahead how this year is going to (again) be THE YEAR, let me say one thing………….


  • You’re not gonna lose weight by making a resolution.
  • You’re not gonna stop smoking by making a resolution.
  • You’re not gonna grow your business by making a resolution.
  • You’re not gonna get out of debt by making a resolution.
  • You’re not gonna be more fun by making a resolution.
  • You’re not gonna (fill in the blank___________________) by making a resolution.

Stop. Stop. Stop!

New Year’s Resolutions are just setups for failure. The word itself is defined as a ‘firm decision’ to do or not do something. Right there alone, the word firm, is the inherent opportunity to give up!

Now as much as I hate buzzwords, I gonna throw one out there……..


And since I’m gonna use it and try not to gag, why not have fun with it as we enter the new year……….

Why Not Make a 2020 Vision!

You see, when I’ve talked with people about their (soon-to-be failure of a) New Year’s Resolution the one most important thing that was missing was “what does it look like?” They told me that they were going to do it. But not one person could describe what it looked like? A Vision is supposed to be a pretty clear guide or a mental image of what you want to accomplish.

That’s what I call Vision.

What does losing 15 lbs look like? I know you’re gonna give up sugar and white flour and go to the gym everyday (which you’re not by the way so stop saying it already). But again, what does that look like? Does it include shopping at that cool new hipster market? Do you see yourself meeting new people and making new friends at an exercise class? And those new friends are what get you out of bed or out of the office on time in those moments when you’re tired or just have too much on the to-do list? Can you close your eyes and see and smell the sweet success when you navigate and take control of the sweets that are never-ending in your office?

What does growing your business look like? I know you are gonna sell more and make more cold calls. Can you close your eyes and see the excitement on your face when you launch that new product? What is that new product? Can you see the fun involved with bringing it to market? Are you finally going to implement that crazy marketing idea you’ve been thinking about over and over and over; and what does it look like; every nook and cranny (old person reference)? Who is helping you? Does 10% growth mean 10% overall or 10% every month? And how are you going to do it? What specific new approaches are you taking in 2020? And how are you going to celebrate it along the way?

What does reducing your debt look like? How are you going to celebrate realizing what you have is enough? Where are you really willing to cut back and save money? Maybe it’s time to sit in that coffee shop with a friend spending time laughing and bonding once a week; versus going in there everyday just as part of a routine. Yes you can stay home more, but let’s face it, Netflix (even with the chill part) gets old after a while. Imagine creating a Saturday Game Night like no other where your friends and family would rather do that than head to that trendy bar – again? Remember Sunday dinner? Why not do it with the family you prefer (your friends)? Is it going to be themed? Progressive? Rotating?

I guess what I’m saying is that Vision is in the Details. So if you must make a resolution, how about calling it a Vision? And see if your mindset changes? (It should.) How about closing your eyes and actually seeing the individual visions that will make that bigger vision happen. What does the perfect day on your weight loss journey/business growth strategy/debt free life look like? The perfect week? Write it down. Get detailed. Very detailed. Have fun with it. And return to read it over and over and over.

Vision is in the Details.

Oh and your vision will change as the year rolls on. As I’ve been building and growing my new offering – #CafecitoAdventures – over the last year, the Vision is constantly changing. And the detailed vision gets updated regularly. And that’s just part of the excitement!

Happy Vision Year!


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