Wouldn’t Toxic Media be a better term than Social Media?

In the last month I have fact-checked and challenged five people on their bullshit toxic Social Media posts. In all cases it took me about one minute to find the true information. One minute that they could have taken to do a little research.

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Two of these people are very religious; one a member of the clergy. I wonder what Jesus is saying about their perpetuating the divisiveness in the United States right now by constantly posting BS! They removed or retracted the BS posts after being confronted with the real information.

One person clearly showed her true racist colors. Even with facts she wasn’t going to bend and was going down with the sinking ship. No need for that person in my life any longer. As a social media or “real” friend.

The other two got caught up in emotions. And I get it. We’re all high with emotions these days. We have a divisive U.S. President — forget the politics — right versus left; he’s divisive! Even some of my far right friends agree. We’re in the middle of a pandemic yet there are still people who don’t think it is real. Our economy is hurting. People still have not received their unemployment or stimulus. Go back and read that statement again. And we’re fighting over wearing a piece of cloth to go into a store for 20 minutes. C’mon, we’re better than this.

I stopped listening to the news. I have stopped believing social media posts. Politicians are all a bunch of liars. Or clueless. Both sides. And now they get to hide behind masks so we can’t even read their true facial language. Doesn’t matter, just assume they’re telling a lie. If you get pleasantly surprised, good for you.

Seems that most people get their news from hearsay or a Facebook or Twitter Post these days. There is no longer a need to use our brain because Mary’s 1st Cousin’s Sister’s Brother’s Boss said it was true. Here’s a few ideas………

  • Instead of adding to the toxic bullshit why not find someone on the front lines. A while back I contacted an ER Nurse friend when a police officer told me Covid was fake news. The police officer’s basis — the hospital was not overwhelmed during the beginning of the pandemic. My friend confirmed that their hospital was NOT overwhelmed with Covid patients but people were dying or very sick. Young and old. As young as 4 years old. She told me where the police officer can stick her fake news.
  • Instead of adding to the toxic bullshit why not make your way to check out the front line. Seeing people lined up in their cars, over a mile, an hour before a food distribution site opens, might give you some perspective. I’ve seen this numerous times while out riding my bike.
  • Instead of adding to the toxic bullshit why not spend some time with your black, female, gay, Muslim, or KKK friends. Ask questions and just listen. Fuck with the toxic memes already! Again, just ask questions and listen. Find out about their real issues and concerns.

Social Media is not social any longer. It is Toxic! Poisonous! Not healthy! Divisive! And the worst part………it’s an addiction, just like alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, etc.

It’s time to get some help people.

Or join me on a break from some or all of it. I’m starting with Facebook. Don’t worry about FOMO. Nothing will have changed when you return. Except hopefully the amount of time you spend in this toxic world called Social Media.


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