Stop Saying You Have/Had Covid. Get Tested, You Selfish Bastard!

Back in January I got my twice a year cold/flu thingy. The usual head cold, fever for a day or so, aches and pains. Rode it out and life went on.

About a month later I learned about Covid when my first client thought it best they postpone an upcoming staff recognition event. Within a couple of weeks I was unemployed – every event I was booked to speak at – CANCELLED.

Well we know what happened next. World panic. Lockdowns. People dying or getting very sick. Quarantines. Isolation. Politicizing.

In April I went for an antibody test to see if that January thingy was just my beginning of the year cold/flu. I thought maybe I had been an early case of Covid. No antibodies. Just my cold/flu thingy.

In the past few months I’ve had friends tell me they had Covid. So I asked if they were tested and it came back positive? All of them – NO, they were not tested. I asked if they had antibody testing since they might want to be a plasma donor. They all said NO testing.

So my question was how do you know you had Covid? Of course they describe the symptoms I had back in January. I didn’t know several of my friends were qualified medical and science professionals {sarcasm}.

Why won’t people get tested? What are they afraid of? I don’t think there’s a stigma of Covid people. I do know there is judgment. Because most of these people refused to wear a mask and did not care about Social Distancing. Yet a couple of them didn’t understand why I chose not to spend time with them when they wanted to get together. Well they may know now.

So now I AM judging them. You think you had Covid but won’t get tested. You might be able to save someone else with plasma but won’t get tested. Their arrogance just amazes me.

Two weeks ago yesterday I wasn’t feeling okay. It was September, the typical timing of my usual second cold/flu thingy. Two days later I got my first positive Covid result. Two days after that I got a confirming result.

I followed my doc and CDC guidelines and came out of isolation yesterday.

For almost seven months I wore a mask. For almost seven months I social distanced. For almost seven months I basically only spent time with the same 3 or 4 people and we were all responsible about keeping each other safe and updated about where we had been. Coincidentally I had not seen any of my friends for 10 days prior to my positive test result. And when near people other than the usual gang I kept my distance.

Then I went and bought a pair of shoes and went to Key West for a few days. A few days later…….BOOM, not feeling well.

So I got tested because I thought it was the right thing to do. For so many reasons. But mainly the health of the people around me. Because frankly…….

I’m not a selfish bastard!


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