The Best Health Decision You Can Make Right Now

When you think of making better choices regarding your health what usually comes to mind?

  • Eat right?
  • Exercise?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Quit drinking?

And those are all great decisions. They (supposedly) will benefit your heart, lungs, etc. I’m not a doctor and there are no guarantees.

But what about the organ that processes your feelings and emotions? The brain!

What about the up and down rollercoaster that our lives have become as a result of the political climate and a pandemic?

2020 has been quite a year. But if I look back on 2020 and think about the best thing I have done for myself….for my health is came down to the one thing that was easier to do than one would have thought.

I walked away from Facebook. Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health Sticker Decal  Window Bumper Sticker Vinyl 5": Automotive

Yep, I walked away from politics – and every single post that wasn’t even political being turned into a political argument. I walked away from people refusing to fact-check anything. I walked away from people’s need for constant validation. I walked away from people posting every single thought that passes through their mind. I walked away from everything else that one might consider the unhealthy part of Social Media – specifically Facebook.

And you know what…….it’s been great!

I’ve spent more time riding my bike, playing my ukelele, and reading. I’ve gotten projects done around the house. I actually feel calm and don’t get aggravated over stupid things that were actually taking up too much of my time. And when friends ask me that question…….Did you see my Facebook post………… the answer is No!

Now full disclosure…..I still pop on for about 10 minutes a week. I have a few volunteer roles and social interests that I want to follow and I haven’t convinced those folks to use a less toxic arena, but unless there is a notification in the top I pop on and off.

No more anger from a man of god. No more narcissistic behavior from a woman who labels her daughter as one. No more shaking my head at people who I once thought were smart. No more racist tones from someone who swears she isn’t racist and refuses to accept that fact that we all have some racism in us. No more calling people out on their bullshit posts/shares where the only response is to find some remote post by some blogger who agrees with him.

No more Facebook. And after watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix and realizing pretty much confirming how all these Social Media Companies are just pitting us against one another, I’m closer to permanently deleting the account more than ever before.

Yes, my physical health matters, but I was neglecting my mental health for way too long! And I’ll bet you are too!

I walked away from Facebook. Which Social Media Platform do you need to remove from your life in order to save your sanity?


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