This Too Shall Pass?? Thoughts from a T-Shirt on Election Day

Over 20 years ago my friend gave me the t-shirt pictured below.

It was my favorite t-shirt EVER. I mean EVER.

This Too Shall Pass. Screaming Man Under Train.

No, this is not the original. That one was lost. Or became a car rag. Or a puppy toy. Or fell apart from too much wear. Or who knows what.

Several years back I had searched online for a replacement and came up with nothing.

Recently my sister and I were talking about the t-shirt. She told me she had a picture of it and kept it nearby when she was going through a rough patch.

So I decided to do a search. And this time within 10 seconds I found it! I ordered two. One for me. One for my sis.

I remember one evening where my friends and I were silly drunk and started to have a philosophical discussion about the man:

Did the train eventually pass over the man? Or did it stop? Did he live? Did he die? Was he permanently disabled? Did someone throw him under the train? Did he throw himself in front of the train? How much pain did he endure? Maybe it was a runaway a train? Maybe he was the engineer and fell off trying to stop the runaway train? I do remember it being a fun conversation.

Today is Election Day here in the USA. The hate and divisiveness I have seen in the last few years, but especially the last few months, is not only sad, it’s frightening. People afraid of their guns being taken away. While others are afraid of their civil/equal rights being taken away.

I don’t know how fast it will pass. If it will pass.

So I’m wearing the T-shirt today. I’m thinking about this evening. And possibly the next few days ahead. They may be ugly and painful. And dangerous.

I just can’t imagine the losing side feeling like this will pass.


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