You Deleted Me?

As I’ve mentioned to many people on and offline, the best life decision I have made during 2020 happened to be a mental health decision. I more or less abandoned that Cancer Known As Facebook.

But the other night I was reminded how people really are bothered by losing Facebook friends.

I'm not your Friend, Buddy! by 4check | Binz, South park

About 8:30 the other night I received a message on Facebook Messenger from a Facebook (also real) friend. It read:

You deleted me?

I went to bed. And in the morning here was my response:

Hi (insert name)

I deleted politics. Not you.

I pretty much left Facebook in July after taking 30 seconds to fact-check 5 people’s bullshit and calling them out on it. I was done. One being a minister – who ultimately reached out to me recognizing he had become full of hate and needed to get back to the work of god. Who knows if he has. Don’t get me started on religion.

Since July I have been on Facebook about 10 minutes per week (if that) , mainly for some cycling and volunteer stuff. I thought I would make a re-entry after this horrific political cycle but I was clear about one thing………

Politics and hate and bullshit goes. Left. Right. Middle. So if I popped on and saw political stuff I deleted the person.

400 friends have been lost. All sides.

BTW, I highly recommend a Facebook hiatus. Oh, and Instagram has proven to be a much happier place.

That was my response to her. Her response was “It’s been nice knowing you for 25 years. Take Care!”

My first thought was: Wow – so if we’re not friends on Facebook, we’re not friends. This person and I have had complete opposite political views forever but we’ve always been civil and had intelligent discussion. But now because I don’t want to read her (or anyone’s political bullshit on Facebook any longer) we can’t be friends? I guess we really never were friends. That was my kneejerk thought.

But instead I responded “I guess Instagram doesn’t work for you.”

And then she asked me if that was any different.

Well to me it is. I want to use Facebook one way, Instagram another way and Twitter for something else. Key words “I want to use” I. Me. Yo.

So yes, if I deleted you Facebook it’s because I’m done with politics on that platform. I’m probably actually done with that platform altogether. Real friends have my phone number, email address, and know other ways to reach me other than Facebook.


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