Cheers to all the frazzled restaurant servers!

For years, Wednesday nights have been Pizza and Beer after a fast group bike ride. Same place.

Pre-pandemic we were typically 8-10 people; as many as 13. Last night we were 5.

Me on the left. Banished to the kids table.

As we pulled up on our bicycles, the server who has seen/served us for years, comes over and tells us (in a not so nice tone) “There can be no more than four of you at a table, no pulling tables together, and the prices all went up this week. Take a look and decide what you’re doing.”

And she walks away.

WOW!!!! Harsh. WTF is up with her tonight.

Next to us was a family of 5; seated at two tables. Yep. they were told to separate. Dad says to me, “So much for date night.” Except he was sitting with his two boys and mom was with their girl at the next table. Makes you wonder if mom and dad really want to date???

As it turns out the restaurant was fined recently. And I guess a pretty hefty one for not following guidelines. We found that out from our server after we ordered our significantly higher priced beers and pizza.

Rules keep changing and (most) businesses are trying to comply. Local officials (police/code enforcement) turn their heads one day and fine you the next. And I get that some customers are being jerks! But I’m also thinking there was a much better way to approach us when we arrived. Like “Hey guys, I need a favor, would you mind…………. we got fined, etc”

Especially since we’re there every week. We’re regular locals in this vacation paradise.

So CHEERS to all the restaurant servers who are doing their best to follow rules, keep everyone safe, and stay sane with the constant change. We understand your frustrations – and need to raise prices. You’re all amazing!

On another note, I didn’t mind being banished to the kids table alone. Heck, I was the youngest!

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