Things not returning to “Normal”……. Camping out at the coffee shop for free wifi.

It’s been more than a year, but yesterday my cycling group returned to one of our favorite independent coffee shops – Ella in Plantation, FL. Over the past year the pandemic clearly limited our options – mostly because many of these places didn’t have outdoor seating for 6 – 10 people. So when we arrived to one of our favorite spots yesterday (full disclosure, we have lots of favorite spots) there are clearly some new rules for people who just come to the coffee shop, buy a cup of Joe, and sit for hours.

Spotted were these signs throughout!

I always clean my table at coffee shops – actually at most small restaurants. But that next item gave me a laugh.

I’ve been one of those people who went to a coffee shop for a couple of hours. How about you? But I also usually dropped $10 – $15 (which isn’t too difficult) when I was there so I never felt too guilty occupying a seat for an extended period of time. But it makes you wonder…………………………..

Are they doing it for health reasons or are they doing it for profitability reasons (under the guise of health reasons)? Or are they just sick and tired of cheap bastards?

Either way I support this action. So many small businesses have suffered or shut this past year. I support whatever they need to do to keep running. Whatever their new “normal” is, I am willing to oblige. If it’s bussing my own table, no problem. If it’s bringing my own bag……you should have been doing that anyway. If it’s limiting my time somewhere I will.

We need to be willing to let small businesses decide the new normal. If we want them to survive!

So as we’re getting back to what some are calling “normal” I hope you are all still being safe and smart. But I also hope you’ll be cooperative as businesses try to navigate whatever we want to call this crazy time.

Cheers from the #CafecitoAdventures Boyz!

(BTW, we drank up and left – mainly because if you sit too long your motivation to pedal goes to zero.)

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