Back to in-person events anxiety

I admit it. I’m anxious about speaking next week at my first in-person event in over a year. Understanding that each person sitting in front of me will have their own thoughts/fears/reflections/comfort levels with living in a Covid world.

And in NO MEANS is this post meant to be political, but more of the best way to do my job so that everyone is comfortable and enjoys/learns from what I am presenting.

Deep down inside I know everything will work out but I admit there’s this bit of trepidation and a bunch of questions.

  • Should I wear a mask?
  • Should I not wear a mask?
  • Should I take the lead of the participants?
  • Should I ask the participants what will make them comfortable?
  • Do I need to watch eye and facial cues a little better?
  • Should I not do my usual moving around the room to interact close-up with people?
  • Or should I just do my usual thing?

    Funny how the things I used to worry about…….room setup, AV, type of mic, etc just aren’t important right now. These are such strange times.

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