Older doesn’t always mean experienced

Today a restaurant server, who was giving far from exceptional service, shared with me it was her first week and first restaurant job ever. I told her she was doing a great job.

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Last week a hotel reception worker struggling to change the incorrect rate on my reservation pretty much told me the same thing. I told her to leave it for the overnight team member to fix.

This has happened two or three other times in the past couple of months – employees outing themselves as this being their first experience in a position. In one instance the server looked terrified bringing our party of 8 our drinks.

In all instances none of these people were what you would call “young.”

We’re all hearing stories about companies being short-staffed and having a hard time filling positions. And on some level I would have assumed these people had done this type of work given their age and should have provided a better experience.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. A good reminder in these times.

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