Shall We Play A Game?

Are you old enough to remember what famous movie featured the title of this post? And if you’re not old enough, have you seen the movie? If not, you should.

But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I’m sick of spending time with people attached to their phones. I’m tired of people who can’t be present with me or others when they’re with me and others.

Anybody else with me?

  • Let’s go back to the room(s) and rest a bit before dinner has become let’s scroll endlessly through Social Media. And then I have to wait for you to still shower/change.
  • I need to send a quick text seems like the person decided to write a dissertation.
  • Let’s go to the conference social and do some networking became let’s sit off to the side alone and scroll. Or sit with a group trying to convince me you can multitask when you can’t!
  • Let me google that answer (when someone might have a question) just became your companion is now lost in the phone abyss.
  • Excuse me, I’m waiting for an important email that requires a response really means I have FOMO of what some Tik Tok influencer just released.

There are others but I think you got my point.

I also realize that talking to a phone addicted person is pointless. When someone is addicted; they’re addicted. Unless they wish to change. So, this is my problem, not theirs. I’m the one who still decides to spend time with them. Although in the last couple of years that has changed.

Well I created a game. It’s called Put Your F**king Phone Away! It’s a game you play by yourself.


Put Your F**king Phone Away! uses the three games below. You might say it’s a game within other games. I take these three games with me whenever and wherever I travel. On vacation. To visit friends for a weekend. On airplanes. To a conference. To the hotel bar. To a festival. And other places I deem where they might be needed. These three games are as important to me when I travel as is my toiletry bag. (Except when I forget them most hotels can give me toothpaste, not one of my games.)

So why those 3 games?

  • They’re fun!
  • They’re fast moving!
  • They require you to be paying attention and be present!

Now they also have other uses. But remember the name of MY game………. Put Your F**king Phone Away! They do just that. They accomplish what I’m trying to do……to have you present with me and/or the group. And maybe to get you to see there’s more to life than a device in your hands.

Now…….they’re also great ice breakers. They’re great for including the shy folks. They’re great creativity bursts for a meeting. They bring energy. Having them at a meeting or conference where I’m presenting also helps me connect on a more personal level with attendees. I’ve even played Story Cubes and Left-Center-Right with two seatmates (strangers) on an airplane.

So if you’re one of the frustrated ones…….I invite you to ask the addicted amongst you the question…….Shall We Play A Game?

Just don’t tell them the game you’re all playing is not the one you’re playing.

Oh, and the movie title…………………………..War Games!

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