It’s time to turn Small Business Saturday into something year-round. Here’s how!

This year, 2021, Small Business Saturday is November 27th. The annual holiday season shopping day to support the small businesses in your community. Ironically supported by the behemoth AMEX!

I’m all for supporting small business. I am a small business. But I think this one day a year grand push is not good enough; and we certainly shouldn’t need a reminder or a corporate sponsor.

Several years ago I started thinking about how we look at Small Business Saturday and it’s all wrong!

What if you made a decision to support a particular Small Business Industry all year long?

Let me share a few examples:

  • I stopped going to Starbucks years ago. I can’t remember the last time I was in one of their stores. First of all, I live in South Florida and there’s two words that true coffee lovers will understand. Cuban Coffee. (aka Cafecito) There are so many small independent coffee shops in these parts with owners and cool stories and great vibes. It was a no-brainer decision. And truthfully, the coffee is better.

  • Another change I made to support Small Business was with grocery shopping. Now in all fairness I’ve always hated big grocery stores and used delivery before the Plague of 2020 forced us all to get our groceries delivered. But c’mon, WTH is up with those aisles where they sell TV’s and major appliances and who knows what else? I need food! So this one was easy. These days I shop the local produce markets, specialty food markets, European gourmet markets, and locally/family owned smaller grocery stores. Do I never go into the big grocery store. Of course not. Sometimes it’s right there and easier. But for the most part…..NO! I’d prefer to support that small business. I’d also prefer not to do a 5K in order to get some kumatos and oat milk.

  • And lastly, if I never go in a mall again it will be too soon. But there are two retail shops about 20 minutes from where I live with fun quirky stuff. I can spend hours in these two places. And I have! Basically they are my go-to places for all my gift giving needs. Year round.

There are so many industries where you could make year-round changes. The local tire shop – family owned or perhaps a franchise. The local movie theater. Independent bakeries and florists actually still exist. Small retail shops have adapted and carry things you won’t see in the mall. And stop comparing the price on Amazon already with the shop owner standing 3 feet away!

So yes, we should all rally behind Small Business Saturday, but I do believe that making a permanent mindset decision to support a particular Small Business Industry – or three – is how we can turn this year’s Small Business Saturday into something year round.

And the best thing……. comes November 27th or whenever it is next year, you won’t have that anxiety ridden guilt.

And while I’m at it let’s talk about Giving Tuesday…….just set up a monthly automatic contribution to a few local charitable organizations that pull your heartstrings! Boom. Done. Feel Good. Hey maybe we have a new hashtag #smallbusinessgivingtuesday

#smallbusinesssaturday #shoplocal #givingtuesday

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