Q&A with RD


Because I’m a nice guy? Because I won’t put you to sleep with PowerPoint? Because you want to work with someone who actually implements, just doesn’t come up with ideas!! Yes, that’s it!!!! So PICK ME! PICK ME!.


People ask me all the time: “Are you a speaker? A Trainer? A facilitator?” I am the RECESSitator. I bring learning which is fun and will have more impact on morale, retention, productivity and general business and personal development. That learning can be done as a keynote, a seminar, a workshop, a retreat or my newest offering, #CafecitoAdventures.
My topics are not important, but if you must know, my topics deal with keeping people happy and keeping them working hard for you. My goal is to keep your people on your payroll/volunteer roll, and to keep that roll growing. My theme is why organizations hire me. I teach people how to find fun, even within chaos, every single day – while not losing sight of their work.

The most frequently requested presentations are:

Permission to Speed
It’s Time for Recess: An Opportunity to Learn, recharge, Celebrate, and Unlock New Ideas

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I work with all types organizations. I only ask that you honestly want your people to be happier and productive, and that you can open your minds to ideas that might not be so conventional. Some might even consider them irreverent. I have worked with many different organizations, in varying industries. The one common denominator was that they were looking for their people to grow personally and professionally while having some fun.
Feel free to use any quote, idea or article found on my website. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due and tell the whole world where you found it. Oh and of course when the time comes for you to implement some of the ideas, consider bringing in the source to implement it faster, better, easier…..


Keynote presentations run approximately one hour.

Seminars and workshops run from one-half day to three days. The length of these programs depends on your overall objectives and how much fun you want to have. Think about it. When was the last time you had three days of fun at work???? And don’t lie. I already know the answer. Well here is your chance.

People love handouts. So do I. It reminds us of the promises we are going to keep. A handout will be prepared to best match your organizational needs and interests. You will receive a master copy for duplication. There is no charge for the master. How pretty they are depends on whether you decide to use a color copier or black and white. Prefer to Go Green. No problem. Handouts are primarily provided for visual learners; we’ll ask them to adapt. But also let’s be honest……where are most of the handouts you intended to do something with? There is something better than handouts. Wanna find out??? Get in touch
Video is encouraged provided that a copy of the video is sent to me within two weeks of the presentation. These recordings must be for internal use only, and not sold.
Wireless headset or mic (if more than 50 people will attend)
Flip chart and markers
Prefer a small cocktail size table with water over a podium. If you can find Marshmallow Peeps that would be great too.
Round tables are preferred for room set-up.


Rich offers a highly interactive session that is guaranteed to re-engage leaders. They’ll learn, be humbled, laugh and become more interested in serving and the importance of their role.
From showing up on time to shutting up at the right time, Rich finds a way to help employees open the door to teamwork, communication and leadership.
Everyone knows that when employees are frustrated, they take it out on customers. Improving employee morale is key to improving the quality of your product.
Rich gets people excited again – not only about their work but the product or service they represent.


That depends on the type of program you’re looking for. But please remember that you are not paying for a speech. You are paying for research and ideas and countless hours of time working with other clients and sharing ideas that work in any industry. So if you email me how much I charge I am going to call you to get to know you, talk about how I can make you look good and be certain I can provide you and your attendees what you are looking for. Then we can talk fee. So if you email, please take my call.
There is no charge for my travel time. If anyone is charging you for travel time shame on them. With all the technology available today I can work from anywhere.
My fee is one price – in most cases. The fee you are quoted includes my presentation, a master copy of a handout (if needed) and all travel/lodging expenses. I have no time to be sending you fast food receipts two weeks after the presentation (see what I eat to control your costs) and you have no time to be writing checks for ridiculous expenses. So relax, you have no worries if I decide to raid the hotel mini bar.


The business meeting RECESSitator has years of experience and plenty of TESTIMONIALS to prove it.
I work primarily with Parks, Recreation and Hospitality groups, Small to Medium-Sized Company leadership & staff, Senior/Assisted Living & Home Personal Care organizations, and small non-profits. That just seems to be a great fit for both of us. Yeah, I’ve worked with those Fortune 50 too. But honestly, we’ll both probably have a better time working with someone else.
Call or text me @ 203.470.3388 (yes, one meeting planner actually hired me in 6 back and forth texts.

Or through the contact page!


Helps you set action plans that can motivate even the deadest of teams
He is the Nasal Decongestant that needs to be added to your stuffy meeting
Is really easy to work with. Water and Marshmallow Peeps (any color or shape) are a great start.
Does not require a limo. Actually prefers the wheel, gas and brake pedals be under his control. Ask me about the 2 near death experiences when clients decided to pick me up at the airport!
Is the current President of both the Florida and Connecticut Chapters of the International Rock Balancing Association.
Is an ordained minister; should your meeting be held in Las Vegas and too much fun by your participants leads to a sudden decision to tie the knot