From Unhappy to Happy and back to Unhappy in 18 months

Working from home during the pandemic was an opportunity for employers and employees to see what really is the best working scenario for the employer, the employee, and of course…..the bottom line. Because it’s always, always, always about the bottom line. But rather than taking advantage of that opportunity some employers just told everyone get back to the office now and get back to work. When the Covid pandemic hit my friend was sent home to work from home. That was March 2020. No one returned to the office until August 2021. Basically 18 months. We have been friends since we were in high school. And I can tell you this……during the 18 months he was at home I think that was the happiest he may have been as an employee. EVER. Well at least in decades. Yep, while working from home. As far as I know his work got …

My Thoughts on Free Trials

Thoughts on free trials: So is a “Free Trial” really free if we have to give credit card info first? Seems to me you don’t have 100% confidence in your product. Isn’t the true test if the product is so great and it suddenly got shut off after the trial people would sign up immediately?