An Employee HANDbook Employees will actually enjoy reading.

Do New Hire and Employee Handbooks really need to be so complicated? And stuffy and uptight and full of buzzwords? I think not. So my friend Gail and I decided to have a little fun and write a simple Employee HANDbook. It’s yours for free. No gimmicks. You don’t need to leave an email address or a phone number of any form of contact information. It’s completely and absolutely free. Of course if you would like to share this link with others we would really appreciate it. SO…….Just click the picture below and download your copy today. Click to access HANDbookFreePDFJuly21.pdf

You’re Cheap! It’s Not That People Don’t Want To Work.

$3 an hour is $120 per week. (Assuming 40 hour week)$120 per week is $6,240 per year This small biz has $500,000 annual sales but owner doesn’t want to pay $16 per hour versus $13 per hour. Candidate declines job offer. Now business owner is getting into the “Nobody wants to work debate.” Biz owner needed to increase prices 1.25% to cover that $3 per hour annualized? 1.25% probably would not even have been noticed by customers. Candidate continues to collect $575 per week unemployment – which on some level is more than going to work. People want to work. They also are tired of being poor and underpaid. I’m willing to pay more to get people out of poverty. How about you?