Why is Work From Home Even A Debate?

I just don’t understand why this Work From Home/Remote Work thing is even a debate. Didn’t the work get done this past year plus? Seems so. Looks to me like collaboration even worked out just fine during the Plague of 2020. Don’t we hire people on the premise that they are responsible and will get the job done? And if so, shouldn’t that personal responsibility (and maybe some mentoring/career development advice) guide that person to determine whether Work From Home (WFH), hybrid, or in-office is right for them? The days of horrible commutes and being shackled to an office are gone. And those with in-demand skillsets are going to be looking for a workplace that meets their lifestyle, not a brand name to impress on a resume. #leadership #careerdevelopment #people #mentoring

When it stops being fun…

When it stops being fun it’s time to stop. Yet so many people kill what is remaining of their soul trying to bring back the passion rather than move on to something new. Can you relate?