Anti-BackSTABBERial Soap


Stop worrying about Office Bacteria. Cleanse yourself of The Real Problem…….The Office Backstabber



Your employer wants you to wash your hands. Especially if you’re a food handler. Bacteria here. Bacteria there.

And the solution…Anti-Bacterial Soap.

But there’s a bigger problem in workplaces everywhere. Offices. Restaurants. Parks. Hospitality. Medicine. And it isn’t workplace bacteria. Nope, its the workplace backstabber.
The Solution….Anti-BACKSTABBERial Soap
Use it before entering meetings
Use it to deflect office liars, cheaters, gossips and those who smile in your face while undermining you in the career advancement race! (Notify HR if deflection last more than 4 hours)
Anti-BACKSTABBERial Soap helps wash away the slimy feeling of being victimized by office backstabbers.
Anti-BACKSTABBERial soap may or may not contain antibacterial soap. It may also contain peanuts. And It’s probably gluten free if you choose to use it to out wash someone’s mouth.