Chief Cook & Bottle Washer (ebook)


Chief Cook & Bottle Washer: The Double D Diner’s Unusual Menu for Success and Happiness at Work



Terry’s life was one big rut. His career was in a rut. His personal life was in a rut. He paid no attention to things going on around him. Like so many people he was glued to technology; looking down instead of forward and around.

Then one night there was an explosion outside his window. Not being able to fall back asleep Terry finds himself in a diner where he meets Clyde, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. But Clyde was more than just a short order cook, he appeared to be some sort of motivational guru – and Terry couldn’t stay away. Over the course of a couple of months Clyde shares his business philosophy called the Double D Diner’s Unusual Menu For Success. With each visit to the diner Terry becomes more excited about his work, his team and his life and finds himself removing all the ruts. Except for one. The one he needs to continue being successful.

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer cooks up some inspiration and food for thought for its readers. The book reveals an unusual and unique “menu” for approaching work and life with forward and creative thinking that when applied, leads to success and happiness at work and elsewhere.

For managers and team leaders looking to get their teams excited about work and being present in what they deliver, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer offers a unique approach to work obstacles, stagnant ideas and showing up in your work versus just showing up at work. After you’ve visited the Double D Diner who knows what your team will cook up next!