Healthcare Provider Patient Experience Self-Assessment



Healthcare Providers tell you they care about the “Patient Experience.”

I call BS!

They send you surveys asking you to take a moment and offer your thoughts. Yet things don’t seem to change. So maybe it’s time they take a closer look at themselves rather than letting you believe they care!

The Healthcare Provider Self-Assessment gives your provider an opportunity to take a hard look at themselves.

  • To really ask themselves if they provided you a great “patient experience” and how they’re gonna fix it if they didn’t
  • To be honest about wait times
  • How they are going to improve the waiting area so if for some reason your next birthday arrives while you are waiting you can have some comforts of home
  • To let them tell you why they deserve a referral
  • And more

Just place a stamp on the postcard, address it to yourself and hand it to your provider as you walk out the door; totally frustrated about the wait which earned you a 46 second visit and a prescription for blood pressure medicine which was the result of rising blood pressure while waiting.

Package of 8 high quality heavy duty postcards. 6″ x 9″

If you’re older/getting older, order a couple of sets. You’ll need them. Lots of doc appointments in your future.