A fun CURE for workplace constipation, frustration, stagnation, lack of imagination and general feelings of unhappiness.



PREPARATION R is a fun tool for success driven teams and leaders who are willing to acknowledge when pain exists and understand that one approach to removing pain is with some proactive purposeful fun! Success breeds success. New ideas breed success. Education and team development breeds success. The PREPARATION R – RECESSitation Kit offers four CURE’s to help your organization thrive.

Here’s what you get:

CURE “C“ offers an easy to implement “Successabration” process to celebrate achievements when they matter most – SOON after the achievement – not months, years or decades. And I’ve watched 2 CEO’s implement it and experience the results!

CURE “U“ is a fun creative process to unlock and unleash new ideas by changing both organization and individual thinking and perspectives. Ideas are lurking throughout your organization! At every level – not just the marketing department. “I didn’t realize we had this much creativity on our team” said Glenn Kaplan, CEO when I walked his team through this process during a recent RECESSitation!

CURE “R” is for those moments when team stress, burnout and frustration are about to take their toll. Don’t let your project (or your people) implode. The CODE YELLOW/CODE RED process to RECHARGE your teammates (rather than turn your head, or even worse……gossip) will surely be a big hit – and fun too!

CURE “E“ is proof that you don’t ALWAYS need high priced consultants to teach/tell your team things they already know or can learn from one another. Save the budget for when it matters most!
Kit comes with easy to implement directions for each CURE and some supplies to get you started!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in