That Is Not How We Do Business

So I get call……………

Could you do a humorous program on “How To Become A Good Employee” – (read an earlier post for the article); I talk with them; learn about what the potential client is looking for and prepare a proposal as a follow-up to our conversation.

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Then the lines of communication go dead. No answer to phone calls or emails. No response at all; yes or no. I release the date on my calendar.

I finally get in contact with someone who gives me an answer; the need changed and a different vendor is selected.

Hey, I’m okay with that; happens all the time; but don’t you think it would be appropriate to tell that to the person who took time out of their day to speak to you and prepare that proposal? That’s how I do business; that’s how I hope you do business.

I’m wondering who needs the How to Be A Better Employee program; staff or management?

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To learn more about Rich’s How to Be A Better Employee Poison Ivy: The Secret Society download program, visit

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or better yet, call 888.476.1664

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