I could ignore you like you did me. But…..

Sure I remember you. We met at a local event. We were supposed to get together to talk about collaboration. My week was wide open. By the time you responded – days later – I had scheduled an appointment during the one hour in all the hours that week you offered to meet. I replied immediately asking for another option. You never responded. Now you have reached out to me for my help. I could just ignore you. But I won’t. I want to be better than you. Full disclosure: I did remind this person of our past. Of course I got the usual apologies. We’re still meeting. Hopefully I’ve made this person better.

Shall We Play A Game?

Are you old enough to remember what famous movie featured the title of this post? And if you’re not old enough, have you seen the movie? If not, you should. But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I’m sick of spending time with people attached to their phones. I’m tired of people who can’t be present with me or others when they’re with me and others. Anybody else with me? Let’s go back to the room(s) and rest a bit before dinner has become let’s scroll endlessly through Social Media. And then I have to wait for you to still shower/change. I need to send a quick text seems like the person decided to write a dissertation. Let’s go to the conference social and do some networking became let’s sit off to the side alone and scroll. Or sit with a group …